Treatments for Wellbeing and Health

Make yourself a priority

All treatments at Hypnosis with Nellie are designed to help you let go of unwanted feelings, emotions, and beliefs.

This unique approach allows you to view your present, and future life with greater optimism and positivity.

Make your wellbeing and health a priority by allowing yourself to move on and find the enjoyment in life that you deserve.

Treatments are available for a variety of issues:


Childhood trauma






Eating Disorders


Fears and Phobias

Emotional health

Your feelings and emotions are a powerful force. They can even outlast your memories.

Most of us know what it feels like to be hit by a sudden memory of something that happened years ago. You might not remember all the details, but you certainly remember how you were feeling in that moment.

Often, you’ll physically feel the effects of them before you even realise what the memory was that caused them in the first place. It can start with a simple smile, the sudden rush of blood to your cheeks, or even a tensing of the muscles. The emotions physically present themselves to you, even before your mind can remember them.

That’s how powerful feelings and emotions really are.

Of course, it’s an amazingly wonderful feeling when you’re presented by a happy memory. When the memories are overwhelmingly bad, however, they can take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing and health.

My aim at Hypnosis with Nellie is to help you let go of the unwanted feelings and emotions so that you can move on and find the enjoyment in life you deserve.

Understanding emotions

A 15-minute relaxation to better understand our emotions

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Weight loss

  • Stop overeating and snacking
  • Feel more active
  • build your confidence

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Stop smoking

  • Change how you feel about smoking
  • Learn how to let go of cravings
  • Become a natural non-smoker

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Pain relief

  • Reduce your pain levels
  • Cut down on pain killers
  • Get through the day in comfort

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Panic attacks

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Let go of your fears and phobias
  • Gain a sense of control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

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“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

– Daphne Rose Kingma

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