It’s a beautiful summer’s day. Brighton is alive with day-trippers and sun worshippers. Everyone is out and about enjoying the sunshine.

The beaches are packed. People are enjoying food and drinks in pubs and restaurants.

The gyms are filled with those that are hoping to get beach ready for their holidays.

At this point, lockdown seems but a distant memory.

Or does it…

Look a bit closer and you’ll see people wearing face masks in public and in shops. Hand sanitisers greet you at the entrance of every public building.

Friends bump elbows or throw socially distant air-hugs as a way of greeting each other.

The much longed for weekend break to Spain has ended with a government-enforced fortnight of Netflix and chill at home.

Even though, it may seem as if lockdown has ended, things are not as they used to be.


A new normal?

Is this the new normal we’ve been hearing about for the past 4 months?

Is this the life that we are going to have to get used to until this virus has left us?

For a lot of us, lockdown IS the new normal. In some ways, it feels as if we’ve always been living in a world of Covid. The protective bubble of home acting as a comforting shield against the disease riddled outside world. Coming out of lockdown and resuming a sense “normal” life seems more like scary fiction rather than a reality.

There are also plenty of us who can’t wait to get back out there and instantly resume where we left off at the end of March. These are the ones you’ll find lounging in the beer garden and booking a sunny holiday abroad.

You can fit neatly into either of these categories or you can identify yourself in a bit of both.



Life has changed

The fact is that we can’t go back to life before Covid anytime soon, no matter how much we’d like to.

Life has changed. We have changed. Change, however, isn’t always a bad thing.

The strength of us humans lies in our adaptability. We have taken this setback and turned it into a moment of reflexion, of growth. Maybe, you have used your extra time at home to spend quality time with your family. You might have even taken this time to slow your life down and focus on some much-needed self-care.

Whichever way you have spent your time in lockdown, it has changed the way you see yourself and your outlook on life.



What do we do now?

There are still so many uncertainties in the months that lie ahead. This makes it incredibly difficult to know what to do.

How can we plan for anything if we don’t know what our life will be like in a couple of months? For all we know, we could be in Lockdown 2.0 by October.


We are in this together

We might not know what the future has in store for us, but if there is one thing that lockdown has taught us is that we are stronger together.

What will get us through the months after lockdown is the same thing that has helped us during lockdown: knowing that we are in this together.

The “new normal” will be a mixture of how life used to be with all the new things we’ve experienced and learned during lockdown. We will adjust, just like we have always done.




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