Stop smoking

Quitting Smoking

How many times have you tried to quit?

How many times have you tried to cut back?

Have you stopped smoking but still fighting the cravings every day?

Stop Smoking with Nellie

I know the struggle

I was 15 when I started smoking; only a few a day at first and worked my way up to 25 a day by the time I turned 18.

If it might seem there was a chance I could run out of cigarettes by the end of the day, I would get anxious and go out to get new ones before the shops closed.

I tried to quit at least 4 times.

Since quitting didn’t work, I tried to cut back to 3 cigarettes a day. That lasted 2 weeks…

I knew something needed to change, but simply didn’t know what to do or how to do it.


Becoming a Non-Smoker

If I’d known about hypnosis at that time, I might have been able to quit sooner. Instead, I took the slow approach.

I decided to change the way I see myself when smoking. Imagining how my life would be as a non-smoker.

Without realising it at the time, I was using self-hypnosis techniques.

Every day I started feeling more and more uneasy when lighting a cigarette.

Until one Sunday morning, about 10 years ago, I’d finally had enough.

Something in my mind clicked and I instinctively knew that my smoking days were over.

I never looked back.


Hi Nellie, great news – I am now a full non smoker! It’s been great, no cravings even when having a drink… it’s like it didn’t exist in my life and it hasn’t bothered me at all. Thank you so much 🙂

– E

Stop smoking in a single 2-hour session

Once I managed to quit myself all these years ago, I used my techniques on friends in their bid to quit smoking.

It was only until I started training in hypnotherapy that I learned how these techniques worked and how powerful they are. This allowed me to fine-tune my method, turning it into a single 2-hour session.

You were a non-smoker once and you can be a non-smoker again.

Now is the time to change how you feel about smoking; to realise that it is no longer a part of who you are.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Hypnosis can be quick and easy

With hypnosis you can make that “click” happen for you.

Notice how easy it can be to quit smoking permanently.

Find out how surprised you’ll be when you realise you are no longer a slave to your cigarettes.

One session lasting 2 hours can be enough to quit smoking once and for all.

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