Hypnosis explained

What is hypnosis and how can it help me?

The hypnotic state

The hypnotic state is a very natural state and you are incredibly good at hypnotising yourself every single day. The thing is that you don’t realise it when it happens.

You might say, for instance, that you are simply “daydreaming”, or that you are “lost in your thoughts”.

Because you know exactly what “daydreaming” feels like, you might not rate it as a very interesting phenomenon. However, this hypnotic daydream-like state can make incredible positive changes to your life. Not only does it allow you to gain the confidence, resilience, and emotional strength to handle life’s pressures. It can also empower you to let go of your old patterns, habits, and traumas.

My aim at Hypnosis with Nellie is to show you how to use those natural abilities to improve your overall wellbeing and health.

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Weight loss

  • Stop overeating and snacking
  • Feel more active
  • Build your confidence

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Stop smoking

  • Change how you feel about smoking
  • Learn how to let go of cravings
  • Become a natural non-smoker

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Pain relief

  • Reduce your pain levels
  • Cut down on pain killers
  • Get through the day in comfort

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Panic attacks

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Let go of your fears and phobias
  • Gain a sense of control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

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The act of “daydreaming” or being “lost in your thoughts” is something that is very familiar to us. As a result, we can easily dip in and out of these thoughts and dreams throughout the day.

The hypnotic state in a therapeutic setting tends to be a bit more focussed to get the best results. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all awareness or can get “stuck” in hypnosis.

Hypnosis and awareness

A good example of being aware of your surroundings when in a hypnotic state comes from one of my online clients.

The client had their camera pointed in a way that didn’t allow me to see any of their surroundings. As our session progressed, I could hear a lot of noises coming from the room. To me, it almost sounded like someone was being attacked. But the client seemed to be completely undisturbed, so I went ahead regardless.

At the end of our session, the client told me what those noises had been. It turned out that their dog had gotten hold of a pair of slippers and had proceeded to destroy them right next to their computer’s microphone. Which did explain why it sounded so ominous at my end. The client was completely aware of their dog’s antics at the time. And they knew that they could have easily gotten up to take the slippers from the dog, get back into their comfy position and continue with the session. However, in that moment, they decided that there was no need to interrupt their pleasant hypnotic state and chose to ignore it.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

– Lewis Carroll,  Alice in Wonderland

What can you expect?

At the start of each session, we will have a little bit of a chat to see where you are and what you would like to get out of the session.

It is important that you are happy and agree with the treatment for the best possible outcome. Therefore, I will always offer a selection of approaches to choose from to suit your level of comfort. This ensures that every single session will be different and tailored to your specific situation.

It is my aim to make your experience as effective and pleasant as possible.

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