Just as life seemed to be getting back to normal, Boris made another appearance on our television screen. Instead of watching the start of the long-awaited return of “Bake off”, we were greeted with our PM threatening to cancel Christmas unless we follow his rules. Strong words from our PM, who previously encouraged us to resume normality as quickly as possible. It would come as no surprise that emotions are running high once again…


What are emotions

Let’s have a closer look at emotions in general. We all have them; they are perfectly normal. They effectively act as a guide. They’ll let us know what is happening in our life and how we feel about it. We can feel emotions about anything.

There are 6 basic emotions:

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Disgust
  5. Anger
  6. Surprise

These basic emotions scan through all of our memories, values, and beliefs. They do this in order to give us a corresponding emotion for any kind of situation.


Emotional memory

We all remember certain moments in life because of how we were feeling as they were happening. This is because emotions last longer than our memories. The stronger the emotion at the time, the more we’ll be able to remember them.

Most of us can remember how we felt during a certain event, even though we might not remember any of the details.

For instance, we know exactly what we were doing when we were told to go into lockdown because it was such an emotional moment. We can remember exactly how we were feeling at the time.

One tiny little thing – a smell, a sound, or watching Boris in an official broadcast to the country – can remind us of that moment and trigger the emotion all over again.

This is exactly what emotions do. They scan through the memories and the life experiences and look for these little things that remind them of it. Instantly triggering the emotion that corresponds to a situation that seems similar.


When emotions turn against us

Emotions can be incredibly helpful. A fear of being attacked by bears will keep us well away from them. This emotion of fear makes sense as there is a real chance of not surviving a bear attack.

Sometimes, though, our emotions are not so helpful, and they most certainly won’t make sense.

For instance, we could be sent into a rage by seeing someone buying more than 1 pack of toilet paper. Under normal circumstances it would be ridiculous to get angry at someone for buying toilet paper. They have every right to and it’s not something that could cause offence to anyone. We all need toilet paper in our lives. This should not be an issue at all.

However, with the Great Loo Roll Shortage of March 2020 still freshly on our minds, seeing someone stocking up on toilet paper can trigger that familiar feeling of fear. The fear of being unable to get toilet paper when you need it the most.

Sadly, at this point in history, the chance of running out of toilet paper is still very much a possibility. Stories of hoarding have been doing the rounds again, triggering these feelings of fear.

We never actually had a real shortage of toilet paper. There was plenty to go around for all of us. The real cause of the shortage was the fact that we were all fearing we’d run out, which made us all buy more than we needed at the time.

In a way, the anger we feel towards the toilet paper hoarder makes sense because that person might be the reason that we can’t get toilet paper when we need it. However, the result is that we turn into a hoarder ourselves, causing another shortage…

This is clearly one of those times that our emotions are not helping us out.


Finding emotional health

Emotions that haven’t been dealt with can cause problems when they get triggered. It can stop you from moving forwards in fear of triggering that emotion again.

Once we can get over the fear of running out of toilet paper, stories of hoarders won’t be able to freak us out. Working through the emotion, will simply turn the Great Loo Roll Shortage of March 2020 into a fun anecdote to tell our grandchildren.


How hypnosis can help

My clients come to me for a range of reasons: stop smoking, weight loss, fear of heights, depression. Even some more uncommon ones like stop swearing or working up the courage to let go of a friendship.

They all seem completely unrelated. However, they all have one thing in common: unresolved emotions.

Clearing out unwanted and unresolved emotions helps us to take charge of our wellbeing and health. It is a good habit to regularly check for these feelings and not let them build up over time.

As a hypnotherapist I specialise in working through these unresolved feelings.

What I like about my sessions is that we don’t need to know in advance what the unresolved emotion is. It will make itself known as the session progresses. This makes all sessions and treatments unique and tailored to each individual client.

Are you ready to take charge of your wellbeing and health?

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