8 easy ways to beat the autumn blues

With the days getting shorter and the weather turning cold and wet, we can easily find ourselves lacking energy and feeling low. The autumn blues are made worse by rumours that the upcoming festive season might not be as festive as it usually is. Instead of being able to distract ourselves by planning our Christmas celebrations, there is yet more uncertainty looming. We might not know what lies ahead, but we can beat the autumn blues with these easy tips.

1. Go outside

The lack of daylight and vitamin D is a known factor for feeling low in the autumn months. Make the most out of the natural light during the day. Go outside when the sun is at it’s strongest around midday or lunchtime. Consider taking vitamin D supplements for an extra boost.


2. Exercise & Diet

The cold wet weather might want to make us snuggle up under a duvet instead of going out to exercise. It is important, however, to stay active during the autumn months. Exercise will help us feel healthier, more energised, and more active. It can help keep a positive outlook.

When the weather turns colder, we naturally crave more carbohydrates. Balance eating carbs with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for more energy.


3. Be more social

This one is a bit trickier these days, but especially important. Spending time with friends, family, and even pets can really help us stay positive during the colder months. Make an effort to connect with those we can’t visit in person by arranging online meetups or giving someone a call. Doing something different to our usual routine can help us feel more outgoing and it allows us to focus on the good people we have in our lives.


4. Be kind to others & ourselves

Helping others through volunteering or just doing something extra for a friend or neighbour can really improve our mental health. It can keep relationships going and bring us closer together

Helping others can give us a great sense of satisfaction, but let’s not forget to give some of that kindness back to ourselves.

Give yourself some time to do the things you enjoy doing, this will allow you to feel happier and invigorated.


5. Create better sleeping habits

As the clocks change and we lose more daylight, it is common to wake up more tired than usual. We all crave more sleep as the seasons change.

During the hours of darkness, we naturally increase our levels of melatonin. This is a hormone, produced by our bodies to help us sleep. As the days get darker, we produce more melatonin.

We often create habits to go against our natural inclination to sleep. For instance: we drink coffee to wake us up in the morning and keep us going during the day.

Create better sleeping habits by sticking to a regular sleeping pattern. Making sure we go to bed and wake up at the same time.


6. Set goals

It can be tempting to fall into a comfortable routine during the colder months. Challenge yourself by setting a goal to allow your mind to focus on something new. Setting yourself a target and sticking to it will give you a great sense of achievement. Even if it’s something small like finally finishing that book.


7. Get creative

Being creative can help us feel more alive, engaged and happy. Get your arts and crafts out, start baking again, listen to your favourite music, or play an instrument.

Using our creativity can really lift our spirits and allows us to re-engage with parts of ourselves we may feel we lost when summer ended.


8. See a therapist

Being able to talk about our issues and worries with a qualified and experienced therapist can help us feel a great sense of relief. Especially in these darker times when we are more prone to feeling sad or low.

A therapist can help us work through the autumn blues and help us develop strategies to manage the transition of season. This support and guidance can be done in person or online and can allow us to improve our wellbeing and health during the winter months.


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