5 Things we’ve learned in 2020

As this year is drawing to a close, it’s time for us to look back on 2020. It’s been a turbulent year to say the least and the effects of which will be felt for years to come.

It has been a challenging year for our wellbeing and health, but despite the tough times, we have learned plenty of positive life lessons. Providing us with the strength and resilience for the new year ahead.

Let’s end the year on a positive note and have a look at 5 things we’ve learned in 2020.

1. Relationships are everything

There is one big thing that stood out through this entire year; the importance of relationships for our mental wellbeing and health. During this pandemic, we have become incredibly aware of the people that matter to us the most.

We have adapted instantly to the restrictions keeping us from seeing each other and have found new ways of keeping in touch with our loved ones.


2. Focusing on the positives

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the bad news day in, day out. We have learned to look past all the negativity and focus on the positives.

When everything seemed to be going wrong, we started looking for positivity in our life. This could be something bigger than ourselves like the roll-out of a new vaccine or something small like a refreshing walk along the seafront.

This year has really made us appreciate the things we enjoy so much more. It’s also given us the opportunity to find out what makes us happy.


3. It’s okay to slow down

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s the necessity of taking care of our wellbeing and health. Whether we were furloughed at home, home-schooling the kids, or the busiest we’ve ever been as a key worker, we all realised how important it is to allow ourselves to slow down and care for ourselves.


4. Being flexible

This year has been one big masterclass in being flexible. Last-minute changes to restrictions have made us experts in changing plans, holidays, and festivities. We have learned to roll with the punches and make the most out of any situation.


5. Life is bigger than us

The biggest lesson of all this year is the lesson of self-sacrifice. Covid forced all of us to take measures that not only benefited ourselves but saved the lives of those around us. We knew that in order to keep everyone safe, we had to make tough choices.


A bright New Year 

This past year has shown us what we are capable of in tough times. We now know that we can get through anything when we stick together, even when we must physically stay apart. We can and we will come back stronger than ever.

All these life lessons and skills will provide us with the tools we need to turn 2021 into the year of resilience.

Wishing you all a bright New Year filled with happiness and health.


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