Hypnotherapy for Wellbeing and Health

Hypnotherapy for wellbeing and health allows you to make life-changing alterations in the way you think, feel, and behave in an open and easy way.

Your mind is a powerful force, it has a big influence on your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, and your behaviour.

Now, imagine how your life could improve if you were able to utilise that force to your advantage.

Why not learn to take full advantage of the power of your mind?

Give yourself 5 minutes each day to calm your mind and allow yourself to relax.

We are going through difficult times at the moment. 

Right now looking after your mental health is more important than ever! 

Thankfully, hypnotherapy and hypnosis does not require face to face meetings.

Sessions are as effective online as they are in person.

I am available online on Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Messenger.

Hypnotherapy for Wellbeing and Health

Below are some of the more popular treatments you can choose from.

However, hypnotherapy can offer you support with many other different issues.

You can find a more extensive list here.

Choose your treatment

Weight loss

  • Stop overeating and snacking
  • Feel more active
  • build your confidence

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Stop smoking

  • Change how you feel about smoking
  • Learn how to eradicate cravings
  • Become a natural non-smoker

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Pain relief

  • Reduce your pain levels
  • Cut down on pain killers
  • Get through the day in comfort

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Panic attacks

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Combat your fears and phobias
  • Regain a sense of control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

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Nellie is amazing!!, so easy to talk to, so understanding and she immediately puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. A brilliant listener and she has the ability to encourage you to look at things from another perspective, making sense of whatever thoughts you want to consolidate or need a little help with. I left our session feeling brighter, lighter, calmer and definitely ready to embrace the next chapter. A massive and well deserved 5 stars!! I highly recommend, a truly lovely experience, Thank you Nellie x

– Jo

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